Women in Football ha annunciato una nuova fase della sua crescita con il lancio di un nuovo manifesto e brand. 

La mossa arriva in risposta ai risultati di quello che, secondo l’organizzazione, è il suo più grande sondaggio mai realizzato, i cui risultati concludono che due terzi delle donne hanno subito discriminazioni di genere sul posto di lavoro.  
Il sondaggio è stato condotto in collaborazione con Sports Marketing Survey e inviato ad oltre 4.000 membri, mostrando come il 66% delle donne abbia subito discriminazioni di genere sul posto di lavoro calcistico, e che solo il 12% degli incidenti sia stato segnalato. L’82% afferma di aver incontrato ostacoli nella propria carriera.

Secondo il sondaggio, quando venivano segnalati problemi, gli incidenti venivano spesso insabbiati. 

Il 52% degli intervistati afferma inoltre di aver subito o assistito a tale discriminazione.

Il nuovo marchio è stato creato in collaborazione con l’agenzia creativa Iris e supportato attraverso gli investimenti di Barclays, partner principale di Women in Football.

Women in Football is already a reality, however, change on an institutional level is not happening as fast as the world demands it. Women in football is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it is fundamental to the success of the industry – and it’s just good business,” said . Football as an industry provides an abundance of opportunities for all career paths to benefit from the involvement of women – from finance to physio – but, as our survey shows, there’s still a lot of work to do to make the football industry truly diverse and gender inclusive. Whilst a new brand won’t do this job alone, it is vital we have a clear and consistent voice that helps communicate our organisation – our passion, integrity, thought leadership and most importantly how we drive change by working with our members and the industry as a collective. We can’t thank Iris and Barclays enough for their exceptional support. With a deep understanding and passion for what we do Iris have created a fresh, vibrant brand which will support our existing and new initiatives and supercharge our next phase of growth. As part of the new phase of growth, Women in Football is also driving new initiatives, revealing that it is in advanced plans to launch a Women in Football Youth Council, enhancing the opportunities for young women. The organisation has also confirmed that there will now be two recipients of the Vikki Orvice Memorial Directorship Scheme, which equips young leaders with the skills necessary to seek board positions by working closely with the Women in Football board for a year.

We are a network of 4,000 women and men transforming the football industry for the better.

We are empowering our members with knowledge, expertise and collective support to create a stronger, brighter and more diverse future.

We are Women in Football. #WomeninFootball pic.twitter.com/uW5IQd3kCS

Lisa Parfitt – Women in Football Board Member

— Women in Football (@WomeninFootball)